15. Mount Kilimanjaro: Done!

Jul 11, 2017 Off Comments in Kilimanjaro by

So after 6 days of constant trekking through dozens of natural habitats, 5 different ecosystems and an almost 6000m ascent, it brings me great pleasure to announce that Rich & Jason SUCCESSFULLY SUMMITED MOUNT KILIMANJARO!

All their hard work paid off! Following Rich & Jason from start to finish and seeing the progress they’ve made has been truly inspirational and a pleasure to share with you via this blog.

On behalf of Rich, Jason and all at SR Timber, thank you for supporting our aim of raising funds for The British Heart Foundation. It’s the reason this challenge was developed in the first place and what kept the guys going.

We heard from Rambo Rich: “It was a tough challenge – probably the hardest physical challenge of my life! However, when you take those final steps (despite feeling like you can’t) to the very top of the mountain it makes it all worth it – a view and feeling I’ll never forget; a dream come true for me as a keen trekker. A huge, mountainous thank you to everyone who has donated; you kept us going, but more importantly, the funds raised will change the lives of many!”

Jason had this to say: “The views were out of the world and even breath taking at times to the point where I became overwhelmed by them, shedding a few tears on occasion. When I reached Gilman’s Point (5685m 18652ft.) I looked back at the sunrise and thought to myself haha to all those who doubted me and I was so proud of my great achievement… then it hit me… I still had a further 200+ metres to climb! On a more serious note, it was the fear of letting everyone down that spurred me on, there was no way I was going to fail myself, Rich, SR Timber and everyone who has so kindly donated to The British Heart Foundation.”

When asked if they would take the challenge again, Rich answered: “Yes – when can I go please?”, however Jason has a slightly different view… “Never ever ever ever will I be foolish enough to volunteer for anything like this again. It was the most wonderful and exciting experience I have ever had BUT NEVER AGAIN thank you very much.”

To Rich & Jason:

From all at SR Timber, we are so proud of you for conquering this huge challenge and raising vital funds for a great charity… your determination, stamina and hard work is inspiring, well done!

If you’d still like to donate, it’s not too late!

Click the link below, or text GOSR89 £5 (or however much you’d like to donate) to 70070 – one final push!


We’d like to thank you for joining us on this journey. Publishing the blogs has been an education and a pleasure; we hope you’ve enjoyed them. Stay tuned to Twitter (@SR_Timber_) for more pictures of their adventure, and maybe a few post-Kilimanjaro anecdotes.

Have we inspired you to take on a mammoth challenge for charity; or even to pit yourself against the beast that is Mount Kilimanjaro? If so, let us know on Twitter (@SR_Timber_).