14. Challenge Kilimanjaro

Jul 11, 2017 Off Comments in Kilimanjaro by

The time has come. 7 months of training, preparation, sacrifice, excitement, anticipation and blog writing come to a head this weekend. Everything that can be done is done (hopefully!). It’s time for Rich & Jason to grab the challenge of a lifetime by the scruff of the neck and go all in to take on the World’s biggest free-standing mountain. Will team SR Timber come out victorious in this titanic battle?

So amidst that Braveheart-esque, film trailer introduction, I trust you’ve deduced that this weekend, the guys embark on their journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. As I’m sure you’ve noticed in the blogs we’ve brought to you every other Friday since February, it’s been quite a journey so far – and that’s before the main event even begins!

We’ve seen how Rambo Rich has taken Jason under his experienced wing and guided him through a challenge alien to him. Although many of the fears are still prevalent (Rich fears Jason’s snoring and Jason fears man-eating mammals), from skipping the lift occasionally to use the stairs at the Holiday Inn, to summiting Mount Snowdon with ease – in just a few months – is quite a turnaround. Extrapolate that progress by another 3 months and Jason is feeling strong and ready.

From the initial blog where we introduced Rich & Jason, to documenting their trials and tribulations through the months of training we hope you’ve grown an affiliation with the guys and their efforts to complete this gallant challenge. The aim has always been to raise as much money for the British Heart Foundation as possible, which will be a driving factor in the guys’ climb. So please donate anything you can by clicking the ‘Sponsor me’ link below or texting GOSR89 £5 (or however much you want to donate) to 70070.

There is only one more thing for us to say, and that is a huge, monumental good luck to Rich & Jason as they start their adventure! As we’ve learned more about what is actually in store for them, our admiration for even taking it on has grown and grown. Whatever happens, everyone at SR Timber is rooting for you and so proud of you!

We’ll see you on the other side!