SR Timber PREMIUM GOLD Roofing Batten

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SR Timber PREMIUM GOLD® Batten is our highest grade of roofing batten, incorporating a unique and distinctive gold colouration that does not hide any potential defects that can be found within traditional battens.

SR Timber PREMIUM GOLD® Battens are produced in our own sawmill in Latvia, then imported as a finished product to our timber terminal on the Humber.

Goods produced to the specified requirements in BS 8417:2011+A1:2014 (Preservation of Timber) and BS 5534:2014+A2:2018.

Manufactured full to size in both thickness and depth.

Available in both 25mm x 38mm and 25mm x 50mm profiles and lengths from 3.0m up to 5.4m, in 300mm increments.

Produced from the highest grade, slow grown spruce (Whitewood) Picea abies – or pine (Redwood) Pinus sylvestris – WPPA is the species code covering both species. All supplied from either FSC® or PEFC fully certified or controlled resources.

Raw material is pre-graded prior to processing to enable an even higher finished grade of roofing batten.

Battens visually graded by staff trained to, and conversant with the requirements of BS 5534:2014+A2:2018. The grading process is third party assessed and audited by CATG to ensure it meets the requirements of BS 5534:2014+A2:2018.

By visual grading we are controlling the following defects:-

  • Dimension
  • Quantity of Knots
  • Wane
  • Fissures & Splits
  • Slope of Grain
  • Rate of Growth
  • Decay and Insect Attack
  • Size of Resin Pockets

Battens are dried in order to comply with the correct moisture content as recommended by British Standards and should not exceed 22% moisture content at time of fixing.

Individually piece marked for full identity, as required by BS 5534:2014 + A2:2018.

SR Timber PREMIUM GOLD® Batten is treated with Vacsol® 6118 which is metal-free and VOC-free. It can be reused and recycled at end of life – subject to local waste regulations.

Timbers treated with Vacsol are not classified as hazardous waste. Post treatment processing wastes, such as sawdust and offcuts, must not be used for animal litter or bedding. Vacsol treated wood should not be used for fuel in barbecues, cooking stoves or grates. Any waste timber, sawdust or redundant timber from commercial or industrial use (e.g. construction sites) should preferably be recycled by re-use, or disposed of to an authorised landfill or to a correctly controlled and approved waste incinerator.

Do not use in contact with drinking water or for direct food contact. Treated timber should not be placed over/near surface water bodies. We advise to ensure safe disposal that all treated wood should be carried out responsibly through an authorised waste contractor.

For further reference please see Vacsol 6118 lowp Treated Timber User Guide

Vacsol Aqua preservative treated to BS 8417:2011 + A1:2014. (double Vacuum Treatment also know as Vac-Vac) with our standard 60 year lifetime warranty against insect attack and wood rotting fungi (when used correctly and installed above dpc level in buildings).

Downloads :
SR Timber Batten Brochure
SR Timber Vacsol PREMIUM GOLD Data Sheet
SR Timber Guide to Graded Roofing Batten Brochure
SR Timber Hazard Alert – Mechanical Manoeuvring of Batten

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