[efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Can I order more than one size?” text=”Yes, you can order which ever dimensions you require from our stock profile.”] [efitems title=”Can you offer technical backup?” text=”Yes, our management and technical staff have over 20 years’ experience, from production through to nailing the battens to the roof as tradesmen.”] [efitems title=”Are you members of any trade organisational bodies?” text=”Yes, SRT are members of NFRC, TTF and Trada.”][efitems title=”Does SRT Battens come with a guarantee?” text=”All SRT Battens come with a 60 year lifetime warranty against insect attack and wood rotting fungi (when used correctly and installed above dpc level in buildings).”]
[efitems title=”Is all SRT Batten from Sustainable sources?” text=”Yes – all SRT Battens are from sustainable managed forests, either managed by FSC® or PEFC certification.”]
[efitems title=”What is the minimum quantity you will deliver?” text=”Predominantly we deliver in full articulated lorry loads, approx. 35,000 meters, at a premium we can deliver in half load quantities.”]
[efitems title=”What is your delivery time and can we stipulate AM or PM time slot?” text=”From receipt of order we normally deliver within 72 hours, and yes, an AM or PM time slot can be stipulated.”]
[efitems title=”Can you deliver nationally?” text=”Yes, we deliver throughout the United Kingdom.”]
[efitems title=”Are you competitive against other suppliers?” text=”Yes, on a like for like product basis we class ourselves as being extremely competitive.”]