10.Exclusive: Kilimanjaro challengers’ colleagues give insight on preparation!

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Whether you like it or not, unless you have a ludicrous amount of money, you spend the majority of your life at work, right? Whether THEY like it or not, generally your colleagues get good insight into your daily life; lifestyle, hobbies, habits, likes, dislikes, traits etc. You’ve read a lot about Rich & Jason over the last few months, but only from their point of view…so we’ve caught up with a few of their colleagues, just to get a bit more balanced insight. Here’s a transcript:

Shaun Revill – Trading Director, SR Timber
Rambo Rich is a keen climber. It’s his thing; at one with nature – King of the jungle if you will. When the climb was agreed I had every confidence that he’d summit…maybe even twice while waiting for the rest to catch up. Jason on the other hand – we love him to bits but I wasn’t filled with confidence, shall we say. Having said that, the effort he’s put in has been huge and he’s come a very long way– what he may lack in fitness he makes up for tenfold in determination. He’ll get there, by hook or by crook…I’ve noticed this when I’ve accompanied them on a few training treks first hand – truly inspiring stuff.

Would I fancy climbing Kilimanjaro? Well, you know, I’ve got a business to run and time is tight. Perhaps a sky dive… I prefer coming down than going up!

Duncan Hargreaves – Sales Director, SR Timber
When I heard about the challenge I knew Rich would revel in it. However, I originally thought he meant he was taking a different Jason. A Jason that has climbed anything other than Holiday Inn stairs when the lift was broke. Bearing their lifestyles in mind my initial thoughts were Rich would swing from the trees on his way up, scaling the off route hills and forestry to get the true experience. Jason however… I thought he’d have a chance to be fair – if there was a 5* restaurant at the top.

As time’s gone on, subject to altitude sickness, I have every confidence in the boys now. I’ve been hearing, (at least once a day) about the work they’ve been putting in. In fact if ever I can’t get hold of either of them I just ring the gym. Besides physically getting to the top I think Rich’s biggest challenge will be going 10 days without his dogs, and Jason’s will be hearing about how much Rich is missing his dogs.

What do we think?
From our point of view, as SR Timber’s marketing department, we’ve obviously followed the challenge closely from day one. Similarly to Shaun & Duncan we knew Rich had a climbing background, however we thought Jason was very brave (or mad) for taking it on! The endless conversations we’ve had as we learned together about the mountain’s ‘unknowns’ – watching the horror in their eyes as they cringe and turn away in fright hearing us speculate what they could come across. Looking back, laughing probably wasn’t helping.

We’ve witnessed first-hand the focus and strong mental attitude they’ve had; also the admirable effort that’s been exerted in to give themselves the best chance of summiting and having a story to tell for the rest of their days… if they make it past the wild buffalos and tigers that is… (Sorry guys!).

Our excitement has definitely grown with theirs and watching from the start to the current state has given us the confidence that they will give every ounce of determination they have to summit. The main fear is altitude sickness as there’s very little you can do to prepare for this – if it gets you, it gets you. My amateur opinion: pace yourselves and try to acclimatise gradually on the way up!

Not forgetting what the challenge is all about, funds are gradually increasing. Thank you all for your support! If you wish to donate, you can either text GOSR89 £5 (or however much you want to donate) to 70070. Alternatively, click on the ‘Sponsor Me’ link below.

Duncan Hargreaves, 2nd from left, Shaun Revill, 2nd from right, Rich centre, Jason far right.