13. The final countdown

Jul 11, 2017 Off Comments in Kilimanjaro by

As the very well-known song by ‘Europe’ goes:

We’re leaving together,
But it’s still farewell
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We’re leaving ground.
Will things ever be the same again…?


…and these wonderfully anthemic lyrics certainly do resonate with Rich & Jason’s position right now. The last fortnight of preparation has begun, and when the time comes to depart to East Africa to face their destiny, their lives will change forever and they will be saying goodbye to life as they know it!

When we look back to the start of the year, when the challenge seemed a million miles away, we are dumfounded at the progress and dedication shown by Rich & Jason. Fitting the training schedule into their daily lives hasn’t been easy (as the office hears about on a daily basis), but from digging deep, watching donations to The British Heart Foundation increase, and perhaps the fear of failure, they’re both fully focused and raring to go…just add some Bill Conti music in the background and it’s like a scene from Rocky!

The guys have even inspired the rest of the office to get Fitbit wristbands and it’s become a weekly challenge now of ‘who can achieve the most steps?’ Nothing like a bit of healthy competition! I believe Jason, being the competitive type he is, is the current leader, averaging a mammoth 21,000 steps per day – which is the equivalent of around 10 miles!

As part of Rambo Rich’s preparation, he now treks The Wrekin (his nearest hill – over 400m) up to 6 times a week; usually just after he hunts and gathers his family’s dinner. As well as this, he’s embarked on a tailored work out program which targets the key muscle groups for this sort of challenge.

Jason has been steadily increasing his training schedule since day one. As we said he now averages 21,000 steps per day, which is more than double the endorsed amount – if you’ve got a Fitbit you will realise this is no easy feat! It’s no wonder he reaches that however, bearing in mind he now walks 3 miles every morning, and 6 miles every evening. As we entered the final month of the countdown, Jason’s preparation went up an extra notch – maybe the hardest yet – as he ditched all unhealthy food and drink… we’re assuming his uncharacteristic quietness is due to focus, and it’s going okay!

The guys have all their kit ready (the weight of which has already sent shockwaves), travel information secured and itinerary memorised. Once the next 2 weeks of training and visualising the summit views are over, malaria and altitude sickness tablets are received… the Final Countdown will reach 0. It is not surprising the guys are now somewhat quiet – they are facing the challenge of a lifetime, and that in itself is both exhilarating and a little daunting.

There’s still time to show your support for the guys, they have reached 40% of their target for The British Heart Foundation so please support them and donate by texting GOSR86 £5 (or however much you want to donate) to 70070 or simply click the ‘Sponsor Me’ button below.