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SR Timber has created a new brochure for 2024. The publication, which has more than doubled in size to 28 pages, details the complete range of timber products offered by the company and serves as a handy reference guide for customers seeking top-quality timber solutions.

The brochure, just delivered from the printers this week, is now available for download on the company’s website here or as a hard copy to be ordered directly from their office.

SR Timber may be considered a specialist in graded roofing batten, which is largely how they built their reputation as a quality supplier, but the team has decades of experience in producing and supplying many different timber construction products. These include their trademarked Premium Gold® roofing batten, as well as carcassing timber, cedar shingles and ridge, Orientated Strand Board (OSB), chipboard flooring, plywood, and scaffolding boards.

The brochure provides a detailed overview of the journey that their timber takes from the tree to the yard, all under the control of SR Timber. It includes key tips for recognising BS batten and a checklist for buying and using preservative-treated wood. The brochure also references the timber materials needed for a pitched roof, a simple key of timber terminology, and an easy-to-use conversion calculator for purchasing timber products.

The brochure will serve as a valuable guide for timber purchasers. It is designed to share knowledge about timber and assist customers in making the right choice.