SR Timber Arena featured on SPORTbible

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SR Timber Arena featured on SPORTbible

One of the most popular websites in the UK has thrown the spotlight on the non-league football club that SR Timber sponsors.

Under the headline ‘Non-League Side Teversal FC Have A Tesco Trolley Park For A Stand’, a tongue-in-cheek article on SPORTbible has pictures of two reclaimed trolley shelters that had been rescued from the scrapheap and used by Teversal Football Club as stands for supporters.

The article has images of the trolley stands and quotes from one of the club’s Directors (and Groundsman), Keith Parnill, who explained how the club came to use the trolley shelters as stands.

“They are still standing and have been for a number of years now. We got them when we had our floodlights from Abacus Lighting,” said Keith.

“Some of the committee went up to their site to see some floodlights, and the shelters were sat there dumped in their yard as scrap. We asked if we could have them and they said yes. And the legend of the stands was born.”

He added: “The Tesco stand story comes up at least twice a season when some groundhopper photos them and social media takes over.”

On this occasion, the story was featured on Football Away Days on Twitter, which has more than 225,000 followers – and we suspect that this is the reason it came to the attention of SPORTbible – which is currently ranked in the top 40 most-visited websites in the UK, ahead of websites such as Spotify, Asos and Gumtree.

Our Trading Director Shaun Revill is delighted that the club, which plays in the East Midlands Counties Football League, is grabbing so much attention – but it emphasises a serious point about how responsible businesses need to play their part in supporting their local communities.

“We can all see the funny side about using a couple of old Tesco trolley shelters as stands, and it’s understandable that every now and again the story goes viral on social media because it shines a light on what clubs at the grassroots of football have to do to make ends meet,” said Shaun.

“The club is an important thread in the fabric of our community in North Nottinghamshire, and that was a big factor in why we were so keen to support the club with a sponsorship deal that involved renaming the ground and also sponsoring the ladies and youth teams.

“SR Timber is a proud sponsor of Teversal Football Club at a time when the club recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. In the spirit of partnership with the club, we have already hosted a community event that raised more than £1,000 for the British Heart Foundation.”

“Whilst we’re delighted for the club, we can’t help being chuffed that the team at SPORTbible mentioned the ground. And therefore SR Timber got a name check as well.”