Good advice is Golden

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Good advice is Golden

SR Timber take their responsibility to support the industry very seriously and are one company you can rely on for support whenever you need them.

A roof is really only as strong as the supporting structure underneath – that support also needs to be a permanent presence – it’s not a part time job! It’s a factor that runs right through the industry; we all need the right support to help us stay strong, and in SR Timber we’ve got one of the best sources of support in the business.

The team at SR Timber have got decades of experience in timber construction, manufacture and roofing. They manage the process from the forest to the roof, so they are passionate about supporting and sharing their knowledge, expertise and know-how with those who need it. Simply pick up the phone or drop them an email and they’ll listen to what you need and talk to you in roofing language you can understand – no technical jargon, just simple, clear advice to find the best solution based on best practice and experience.

SR Timber’s above and beyond attitude to supporting the industry and the skills shortage extends to the relentless focus they put into their products. Their zero tolerance approach to key characteristics such as the wane of the batten mean you don’t need to be an instant expert in grading it on site as they are already fully graded and of the highest standard. And with the recent changes to BS 5534:2014 still bedding in, plus a skills shortage on the ground, having products that you know meet the standards required is worth its weight in gold.

As the government is looking to build more houses, and faster, SR Timber’s combination of specialist expertise, consistency of quality and supply is going to be crucial. Their desire to continually improve their products and services, from the forest to the roof, put us all in a better position than ever to grow and meet this opportunity. That should be something we can all support.