08. Introducing…the Bat-ten Mobile

Oct 11, 2017 Off Comments in Pavestone Rally by

Bat-ten mobile

Part of the fun of the Pavestone Rally is buying a banger for £500 or less and then giving it a makeover ahead of driving it through ten European countries in four days.

It’s a tall order to buy a road-legal car for that sort of money, but the guys from SR Timber have played a blinder. They have managed to pick up an old Jaguar S-Type that they found on eBay – for less than the £500 limit.

What a bargain. Not only is it a Jaguar, which means that Shaun Revill, Jason Lumley and Steve Hill can tour Europe in the lap of luxury, but it also drives well, which means that they should arrive safe and sound in Monte Carlo at the end of day four.

So, when it came to the makeover, as a company that is the UK’s first choice for roofing battens – such as our flagship Premium Gold roofing batten – we had lots of different options for decorating the car.

We could have gone down the route of giving the car a gold paint job – just like Shirley Eaton in the James Bond film Goldfinger. There was also the option of just splashing our SR Timber branding all over it. However, we came up with a much better idea that incorporated our sense of fun with our ethos of being experts in timber roofing batten who go the extra mile to help SR Timber customers.

Given that some might say that we’re the superheroes of the batten world, there was only ever going to be one winner: with that in mind, we introduce the Bat-ten Mobile.

Upon seeing the car come back from the signage company, Shaun, Jason and Steve all said: “We love it, we absolutely love it. We’re really happy with the job our design guys have done, and it’s sure to turn heads and be a good opportunity for us to talk to people and explain why we’re the good guys of the batten industry.”

On a more serious note, Shaun added: “If anything sums up SR Timber, it’s the Bat-ten Mobile. Like the caped crusader of Gotham City, we fight for what’s right and we’ve been on our soapbox a lot lately because some Jokers are producing bad batten that is masquerading as good batten. We think it’s a crime that these Two-Faced villains are Robin hard-working roofers.”

He added on a more light-hearted note: “We hope that the car will survive the journey with three superheroes in it and doesn’t go ‘Splut’, ‘Kerpow’ or ‘Crash’ as it breaks down!”

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