SR Timber Cedar Shingles

Western Red Cedar Shingles are used for domestic and commercial roofing to name but a few, as a cladding for walls and for the roofs of stables, summer houses, and gazebo’s.

They provide an environmentally friendly, durable and lightweight solution and are perfect due to their weather resistance in exposed situations. Shingles can also be fixed at a roof pitch as low as 14 degrees offering the end user a reliable form of roof covering as an alternative to felt or lead.

Shingles when used for vertical cladding and roofs, offer superb long-term maintenance free performance. They have a life expectancy in excess of 50 years when treated with Tanalith ‘E’ Preservative and when fitted in line with our recommendations. Pre formed Hip Ridge capping’s are also available to compliment the roof design.

Western Red Cedar is classified as ‘durable’ and also offers excellent natural insulation properties with a value of K= 0.1067 W/M      degrees centigrade.

Work Qualities
Western Red Cedar, being a softwood and long grained, can be easily sawn and planed with standard hand tools. Western Red Cedar can be factory machined to almost any profile. We recommend the use of stainless steel nails to fix the shingles as these will not be affected by tannin which occurs naturally in Western Red Cedar.

Sustainability & Certification
Cedar is the ultimate green building material being truly sustainable and renewable. Being supplied from managed, responsible sources shingles tend to be the by-product once the logs have been sawn into usable lengths. They are generally produced from material remaining after logs have been processed by commercial mills.

Our suppliers have a policy to re-plant three trees for every one harvested within one year and to the exact species ratio of the trees that were harvested. PEFC Certified shingles are also available when full chain of custody is required.

Western Red Cedar Shingles and Ridges are available as:
Blue Label: 100% heartwood and edge grain so the grade won’t include knots or sapwood and can be used on all roof & vertical applications

Black Label: Allow for small amount of tight secure knots to the top third of the shingle, so none visible when fixed. These can be used on all vertical situations and as roofing for garden buildings & stables.

Standard Shingles
(random widths 75 – 325mm)
400mm (long) x 10mm (butt) x 2mm (tip)

Special Shingles
(random widths 75 – 325mm)
Perfections – 450mm (long) x 11mm (butt) x 3mm (tip)
Royals – 600mm (long) x 13mm (butt) x 3mm (tip)

Downloads : SR Timber Cedar Shingles Data Sheet

Batten dimensions Enquire to purchase this product

Scaffold Boards

SR Timber machine graded Scaffold Boards are produced from high quality spruce / pine (Whitewood).

All SR Timber Scaffold Boards are machine graded by qualified staff to fully comply to BS 2482:2009 – a grading process that is third party assessed and audited twice a year. Our boards were awarded Kitemark Certificate by the BSI in 2015 meaning they’re elite in the industry for safety and quality.

SR Timber imports their Scaffold Boards as a finished product to three timber terminals in the United Kingdom, offering nationwide distribution.

SR Timber Scaffold Boards are offered in a range of sizes:

38 x 225mm

  • Lengths – 0.6m – 3.9m
  • Grade A Specification
  • BSI Kitemarked specification to BS 2482:2009
  • Visually/Machine strength graded
  • 1.2 & 1.5m support centres

63 x 225mm

  • Lengths – 8ft, 6ft & 4ft
  • Precision sawn to length

System Battens – Kwikstage/Cuplok

Additionally we offer:

  • Personalised end branding
  • Branding 6 times per board, 3 each edge
  • Nail plating
  • Fire retardant treatments to Euro class B & C
  • Sole pads

Downloads : SR Timber Scaffold Board Data Sheet,
SR Timber Scaffold Board Brochure

Manufacturing Process

Manufactured from both sustainable soft and hard woods, the process begins with a high quality raw timber product that has been processed correctly to ensure quality edge glued panels can be successfully manufactured.

The timber is cut into laminations at a specified size and sorted to give a balanced panel, before being glued and pressed. Panels are then machined with straight, parallel and square edges, and finished with a smooth surface typically sanded to 120 grit for a smooth perfect finish, to the required thickness.

Our manufacturers use appropriate moisture resistant glue (D3 or D4) to create a superior edge glued panel which are wrapped in plastic to prevent dirt or water damage.

Moisture is a serious consideration which can lead to twisting and warping. Our hardwood panels are individually wrapped in breathable plastic ensuring that they leave their place of production at 10% m.c. (±2%). Our softwood panels are shrink wrapped in packs.

Download the SR Timber Machined Panels brochure here.

Quality Control / Peace of Mind

Quality Control / Peace of Mind

Our panels are sourced under strict quality controls giving you a consistently high quality product to meet your expectations. It is imperative that our panels are manufactured with strong glue bonds, closed joints and smooth surfaces to be free of cup and warp, meaning you will always receive the perfect panel product.

We only import from manufacturers who adhere to strict quality controls and carefully monitor several vital aspects of the edge gluing process.

These quality controls ensure that our panels are:

  • Dried to a moisture content appropriate to the environment of its intended end purpose
  • Properly equalised for uniform moisture content
  • Properly conditioned to eliminate warp
  • Precisely machined for straight, parallel and square edges with a good quality surface to avoid cupped panels and joint failure
  • Glued shortly after machining with the correct glue formation, plant conditions, press and moisture content required, for superior quality panels
  • Conditioned after gluing to ensure the glue has fully cured and the moisture content of the panel has equalised

Care & Maintenance

SR Timber Machined Panels are made to last and provide you with the perfect material for your project; however transportation or storage can lead to moisture absorption of the panels so for best practice and in order to maintain their condition we suggest:

  • Panels should be stored in a moisture controlled area; ideally in a closed, neither too dry nor too moist room
  • Hardwood panels should be stored flat in their plastic wrap with a weight on top in order to avoid warping and twisting
  • Acclimatisation to the new environment before beginning further processing, to allow for shrinkage and swelling in a range of 0.6% per 1% change in moisture

Download the SR Timber Machined Panels brochure here.

Delivery & Service

SR Timber Machined Panels offer flexible purchasing options allowing you the opportunity to pick piece by piece exactly what you require for the job in hand, minimising waste and costs whilst maximising work efficiency.

Using carefully selected manufacturers, we can guarantee you continuity of supply, so you get the panels you want, when you need them.

With SR Timber Panels you can be sure of:

  • Quality backed by experience
  • Panel availability and continuity of supply
  • Quality control
  • Carefully packed in the exact quantities required
  • Second to none delivery and service nationwide


If you need assistance with choosing the right timber panel product for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SR Timber Machined Panels offer high quality timber panels with the very best service and support.

Download the SR Timber Machined Panels brochure here.

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