Quality Control / Peace of Mind

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Quality Control / Peace of Mind

Our panels are sourced under strict quality controls giving you a consistently high quality product to meet your expectations. It is imperative that our panels are manufactured with strong glue bonds, closed joints and smooth surfaces to be free of cup and warp, meaning you will always receive the perfect panel product.

We only import from manufacturers who adhere to strict quality controls and carefully monitor several vital aspects of the edge gluing process.

These quality controls ensure that our panels are:

  • Dried to a moisture content appropriate to the environment of its intended end purpose
  • Properly equalised for uniform moisture content
  • Properly conditioned to eliminate warp
  • Precisely machined for straight, parallel and square edges with a good quality surface to avoid cupped panels and joint failure
  • Glued shortly after machining with the correct glue formation, plant conditions, press and moisture content required, for superior quality panels
  • Conditioned after gluing to ensure the glue has fully cured and the moisture content of the panel has equalised

Care & Maintenance

SR Timber Machined Panels are made to last and provide you with the perfect material for your project; however transportation or storage can lead to moisture absorption of the panels so for best practice and in order to maintain their condition we suggest:

  • Panels should be stored in a moisture controlled area; ideally in a closed, neither too dry nor too moist room
  • Hardwood panels should be stored flat in their plastic wrap with a weight on top in order to avoid warping and twisting
  • Acclimatisation to the new environment before beginning further processing, to allow for shrinkage and swelling in a range of 0.6% per 1% change in moisture

Download the SR Timber Machined Panels brochure here.