Manufacturing Process

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Manufactured from both sustainable soft and hard woods, the process begins with a high quality raw timber product that has been processed correctly to ensure quality edge glued panels can be successfully manufactured.

The timber is cut into laminations at a specified size and sorted to give a balanced panel, before being glued and pressed. Panels are then machined with straight, parallel and square edges, and finished with a smooth surface typically sanded to 120 grit for a smooth perfect finish, to the required thickness.

Our manufacturers use appropriate moisture resistant glue (D3 or D4) to create a superior edge glued panel which are wrapped in plastic to prevent dirt or water damage.

Moisture is a serious consideration which can lead to twisting and warping. Our hardwood panels are individually wrapped in breathable plastic ensuring that they leave their place of production at 10% m.c. (±2%). Our softwood panels are shrink wrapped in packs.

Download the SR Timber Machined Panels brochure here.