Imported Quality Softwood Timber

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SR Timber “IMPORTED” products are manufactured at our own sawmill as well as carefully selected 3rd party production plants. Timber products should be protected whilst in store to prevent water saturation, this will prevent sagging or twisting of the material.

  • SR Timber “IMPORTED” products are available in various lengths ranging from 2.4m up to 5.4m, in 300mm increments.
  • Produced from imported spruce (Whitewood) Abies Alba/Picea abies – WPCA or pine and (Redwood) Pinus sylvestris – PNSY or combined/ mixed species – WPPA, all supplied from either FSC® or PEFC™ fully certified or controlled wood resources.
  • All “IMPORTED” products meet all requirements within EUTR regulations.
  • High pressure Tanalith E preservative treated to class 2, as in accordance with recommendations given in BS 8417.
  • All SR Timber “Imported’ products carry our standard 60 year service life certification, against insect attack and wood rotting fungi (when used correctly and installed above dpc level in buildings).

Downloads : SR Timber Imported Quality Softwood Timber Data Sheet